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We, as always,With excellent product quality、Perfect after-sales service,A good return on investment of dedication to our agriculture and animal husbandry workers,Serve the society。
Nanchang bo industrial co., LTDNanchang agtech industrial co., LTD2002Ten years national prosperous north economic and technological development zone investment large sino-foreign joint venture, one of the agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises,Fu ying road is located Yu Chang north economic and technological development zone398Number,The factory covers an area of50m。On the foundation stone laying ceremony of the company by the standing committee of the provincial party committee's then、Party secretary Wu Xinxiong,The mayor Li Douluo party as well as the open area、Zheng boss personally presided over the commencement ceremony,We received great encouragement and Suggestions。When we invest in3000Wan,With the most advanced domestic sheep series, a full range of automation design and premixed feed production line,Annual production of livestock and poultry、Aquatic product design capacity of full price of material18Ten thousand tons,Premix1.2Ten thousand tons。…
  • The factory covers an area of50m
  • Investment3000Wan
  • Design capacity18Ten thousand tons
  • Hired domestic chief expert in pig feed
  • First-class quality control system and testing equipment
Why goods feed more and more difficult to meet the needs of pig farms

If the cook is cooking for humans,So as a animal nutritionist,Cooking is to give the animals。The stand or fall of cook,People can feel。Because a taste to know,But also…

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