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There is workmanship, see process ! The high quality can be handed down from ancient times!

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  • Happiness is for old elm furniture xianghe fell in love with you,I hope my service can make you satisfied,If there is insufficient,Would you please say,Your criticism,Is my motivation for improvement。
    ——Poly (hui wangfu old elm furniture to customer service Zhang Haiyan

  • As wang fu hui xianghe old elm furniture brand a sales personnel,Are the biggest enemy is not rivals、Not the price、Not refuse to my customers,But their own professional level!
    ——Poly (hui wangfu old elm wood furniture sales Zhang Dong branches

  • A good old elm xianghe furniture,I pay attention to is not only beautiful style,More furniture by their own hands,Can let you feel my heart and attitude!
    ——Poly (director wang fu hui old elm furniture Lv Shuanghua

  • Poly (wang fu hui xianghe old elm furniture manufacturers
  • Poly (wang fu hui xianghe old elm furniture manufacturers
  • Poly (wang fu hui xianghe old elm furniture manufacturers

Wangfu furniture xianghe xianghe furniture city industrial park is located in the famous
,More than twenty years

The specialty is engaged in the old elm wood furniture
、Chinese elm furniture design
、Sales knowledge

Old yu wood furniture factory
,Ten million
,Covers an area of twenty thousand square meters

Wangfu furniture since its establishment
,To carry forward the Chinese culture
,Chinese good furniture for himself

,Hire a skillful craftsman with traditional ruban mortise craft
,Carved his report
,It contains

Wangfu inheritance attitude and the pursuit of Chinese culture
!Network direct sales model

The dealer benefits consumers
!The customer to the factory the whole furniture production experience
,Seeing for

The solid
!Ten years
,Twenty years achievements of wangfu xianghe furniture

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Customer serviceQQ:2501769897   Customer service telephone:18033677598
Address:In hebei province Langfang Xianghe White temple industrial park。

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Xianghe famous furniture enterprises-Wangfu old elm wood furniture,Carry forward the Chinese culture,Do good furniture in China,Inheriting culture and connotation!
Factory address:In hebei province-Langfang-Xianghe-White temple industrial park(Navigation:Wangfu old elm wood furniture factory Or Xianghe white temple village committee)
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